Selected Writing


I am working in Congress this year. They don't really allow outside writing. I did do report writing for the committee. I can share those reports on request.


November 20th, 2023: American Affairs Drone Policy in the U.S. and Ukraine: Addressing Foreign Control of a Key Technology

Fall 2023: The New Atlantis The Open Sky

September 24th, 2023: The Messenger How to End State and Local Agencies’ Dependence on Chinese Drones

September 11th, 2023: Newsweek China Poses Security Threat at American Ports

August 24th, 2023: Foundation for American Innovation Securing the Skies: Chinese Drones and U.S. Cybersecurity Risks

August 3rd, 2023: Foundation for American Innovation ZPMC and America’s Ship-to-Shore Crane Industry: Recommendations for Improving Port Security

July, 9th, 2023: The National Interest Can America Escape Its Addiction to Sanctioning?

Trinity, 2023: The Lamp Plow the Sea

June 5th, 2023: The Hill States push back against Chinese drones

February 20th, 2023: American Affairs Tracking Benign and Malign Foreign Investment in the United States

January 30th, 2023: Tablet Magazine The U.S. Government Is Funding Chinese Spy Technology in America’s Backyard

January 26th, 2023: Commonweal Magazine Between Sovereignty and the IMF


November 30th, 2022: The Wall Street Journal The U.S. Government Keeps Buying Chinese Drones

September 8th, 2022: The Wall Street Journal China Is Buying the Farm

September 8th, 2022: Lincoln Policy The Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act: Recommendations for Improving Transparency

June 3rd, 2022: Palladium The Works of the Monster of Shōwa

May 5th, 2022: City Journal Can the Senate See the Future?

April 17th, 2022: The National Interest In War, the Economic Weapon Is No Silver Bullet

March 3rd, 2022: Ambrook Drought and COVID-19: Factors Beyond Ukraine Invasion Driving Wheat Price Spike

January 19th, 2022: Lincoln Policy Using Technology and Data Analysis to Improve Oversight of Foreign Influence in American Postsecondary Education


December 11th, 2021: The American Conservative Savinkov’s Fatal Flaw

November 16th, 2021: Lincoln Policy A Review of Industrial Policy Books

April 24th, 2021: The American Conservative Trumps Hispanic Bump